Facilitation Services


Facilitation Services

Facilitation is a process that engages groups to work in a participatory way around complex questions, issues, or problems.
Participants mobilise their skills, share their knowledge, exchange their points of view and are strongly involved in achieving the objectives of the session.
We use methods that are interactive and adapted to each specific situation, to the culture of the organisation or company and to the diversity of participants. The process is result-oriented.
CYC partenaires facilitators commit to the values and code of ethics of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF).
They mobilise a range of skills that enables them to intervene in a wide variety of fields and situations.

Our steps for a Facilitation service


Analysis and interviews

  • Analysis with the client: context, challenges, objectives and expected output of the event.
  • Clarification of the request and co-construction of the keys to success for the upcoming meeting
  • Two or even three exploratory and organisational meetings are essential, depending on the scope of the project, to build the foundations for a solid collaboration.

Design proposal

  • After analysing the request, creation of an appropriate design of events including
    • The agreed objectives,
    • the concrete results expected,
    • the nature and number of participants,
    • the planned duration,
    • the methods that allow participants to be strongly involved.
  • This process is discussed and then validated by the client.
  • On this basis, preparation of the facilitation process and production of related materials.

Facilitation of the event

  • Facilitation of conversations, group work and syntheses, our neutrality being safeguarded by our involvement in the process only, without interfering in the content.
  • A process that respects participants, focuses on their success and listens to the needs of the group.
  • Methods used in line with the culture of the organisation and the objectives to be achieved
  • Facilitation report, echoing the results produced by the participants

Online Facilitation

  • We offer online facilitation services for clients who request it
  • We have a Zoom pro licence, and we can also adapt to the platform used by our clients
  • We are committed to ensuring that the desired results are achieved within the framework of the tools and applications available.