Facilitation services Description :


Facilitation services Description :

Facilitation involves engaging groups in a participatory manner to address questions, issues, or complex problems.
Participants leverage their skills, share their knowledge, exchange viewpoints, and actively engage in achieving the objectives of the sessions.
The methods are interactive and tailored to each situation, the organization or company's culture, the diversity of participants, and are focused on achieving results
The facilitators of CYCpartenaires commit to the values and code of ethics of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF).
They harness a range of skills that enable them to intervene in a wide variety of domains and situations.

Our Steps for a Facilitation Service


Analysis and Interviews

  • Analysis with the requester: context, challenges, objectives, and expected outcomes of the event.
  • Clarifying the request and co-constructing the keys to success for the upcoming meeting.
  • Two to three exploratory and organizational interviews are essential, depending on the project's scope, and they build the foundations of a strong collaboration.

Proposed Sequence of Events

  • After analyzing the request, we create a sequence of events tailored to:
    • objectives,
    • the expected tangible results,
    • the nature and number of participants,
    • the available time,
    • using methods that strongly engage the participants.
  • This sequence of events is discussed and then validated by the requester.
  • Based on this, facilitation is prepared, and suitable materials are produced.

Facilitation of the Event

  • Facilitating discussions, group work, and synthesis, maintaining neutrality guaranteed by our involvement solely in the process, without interfering in the content.
  • A process that respects participants, focusing on their success and attentive to the group's needs.
  • Methods employed are in line with the organization's culture and the objectives to be achieved.
  • Facilitation report reflecting the results generated by the participants.

Online Facilitation

  • We offer online facilitation services for clients who prefer it.
  • We hold a Zoom Pro license, but we can adapt to the platform preferred by our clients.
  • We make an effort to achieve the desired outcomes within the framework of available tools and applications.