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CYC partenaires are committed to supporting the development of organisations through participatory processes.

We support private or public organisations and companies in mobilising teams or citizens to solve, evolve and transform.

Our mission is accomplished when our clients state that we have helped them clarify their visions, achieve their objectives, and gain autonomy in the pursuit of their projects.

Our interventions are based on three main and sometimes combined modes: Meeting Facilitation, Facilitation Training and Direct Project Support.
This course aims to teach essential facilitation skills for working effectively in groups and tackling important issues. It is open to people with an interest in facilitation who want to improve their ability to collaborate and lead productive working sessions.
Facilitation services consist in getting groups to work in a participative way on complex questions, issues or problems. During these sessions, participants mobilize their skills, share their knowledge, exchange points of view and become actively involved in achieving the defined objectives. The methods used are interactive and adapted to each situation, taking into account the specific culture of the organization or company, as well as the diversity of the participants. The approach is focused on achieving concrete, positive results.


We are a trio of committed and experienced professionals, we founded CYC partenaires in 2013.
Nous mettons notre expérience professionnelle du management, du travail avec les équipes, des domaines humanitaire, social, scientifique, éducatif, au plan national et international, à la disposition de celles et ceux qui souhaitent relever des défis, et trouver des solutions adaptées à leurs activités et à leurs projets.

Trainer, Facilitator, and Professional CoachClaire Bellmann

Trainer, Hydrogeologist, Public Health Graduate, ManagerYves Etienne

Professional Facilitator and TrainerChristiane Amici Raboud



Facilitation: A Manager's Testimonial